How to get rid of weed resin smell

There are tons of amazing reasons to partake in the lifestyle. Cannabis has been shown to help reduce anxiety, induce hunger, and even help on sleepless nights. While there are plenty of fantastic reasons to love the plant, it does pose one problem: The smell. Constantly searching for new ways of how to get rid of weed smell is plain exhausting.

Rather than quitting cannabis entirely, there are a few methods to aid in the reduction of the smell of weed. While there are a significant number of ways to reduce the stink of the plant, some of them are more expensive than others.

This list is set up in no particular order. Instead, each capsule has a description of how to get rid of weed smell. Ideally, you should choose multiple methods, for best results. Ah air fresheners. Random, delicious-smelling wrinkle releaser? You betcha. Unlike many products on the market, this smell-free method is non-toxic to pets, people, and the environment. As far as how to get rid of the weed smell, an odor eliminator is easy and affordable.

When it comes to toking on some ganja, there are tons of ways to get rid of the weed smell. If not properly cleaned, glass can become a source of stank. So, glass lovers, you can easily reduce that dank by keeping your bongs, dab rigs, and pipes squeaky clean. Many cleaning products exist, that truly up your clean glass game. The ResOlution Universal Caps are the perfect addition to your cleaning process.

They fit almost all bongs and rigs, and can be used in conjunction with other cleaning products, or alone as a barrier to keep in the stank. Multi-functional for both cleaning and everyday life. Want a different cleaning method? Check out other ways to clean your glass. Read More From Heavy. Quick poll of stoners in the room: How many of you used a sploof in your early days of smoking? Yeah, me too! Take a paper towel or toilet paper tube, and shove it full of dryer sheets.

Homemade filter. Instead, opt for the Smoke Buddy. I personally own one of these things and it drastically reduces the weed smell. Simply take a rip, bring the Smoke Buddy to your face, and exhale slowly.

A Smoke Buddy is used best in conjunction with other methods. I mean, yeah, candles are definitely a cliche with how to get rid of weed smell. With hours of burn time, you can use this puppy for many sessions to come.While terpenes are what give cannabis its rich smell, they can also contribute to the lingering evidence that some dank was present.

This is a bigger deal than you may think. Multiple studies have shown third-hand tobacco smoke can lead to liver problems and other health effects.

Your best bet to avoid stinking up your home, clothes, and belongings with the smell of pot is to avoid smoking indoors or in your car. Vaping concentrates is a fantastic way to prevent smell happening in the first place; with no combustion, the vapor is much less pungent.

If you do smoke flower inside — which is much more pleasant for people who live in cold or rainy climates — there are a few things you can do to get the smell of weed out of everything. Fresh air, sunlight, activated charcoal, baking soda and distilled white vinegar are your best friends in this task. Much of the advice and tips collected here were meant to apply to the lingering odor of cigarette smoke, but are just as effective for marijuana and other types of smoke.

This is the big one. If the weather or privacy concerns force you to smoke inside, try to confine your smoking to one room with windows that open.

If you have multiple floors in your home, smoke on the top floor. If you smoke in the basement or first floor, the smoke will waft up throughout the house, whereas if you smoke in the top floor, it just collects around the ceiling and walls of that room. Making sure you have an adequate amount of fresh air flowing through your home is going to be your best defense against a nasty smoke smell. Las Vegas casinos — some of the last major public venues in the U.

If you have an air purifier, make sure you change the filter as indicated on the device. Otherwise, it does you no good. If your home already stinks of weed smoke, there are a few angles of attack.

Wipe down your walls with a mix diluted bleach and white vinegar. If the smell still lingers after cleaning, you may have to give your place a new coat of paint. If there is a stark difference, you may need a new coat of paint. For carpets, you can sprinkle baking soda generously all over and let it sit for a day or two, then vacuum it up. You can tackle your furniture, too, with the upholstery attachment. Pro tip: to get the maximum smoke-removal effect from your rented carpet cleaner, mix in a cup or so of white vinegar with the shampoo and water.

If the piece has drawers, open boxes of baking soda and let them sit in the drawers for a week or two. You can also use activated charcoal for this. For upholstered furniture, you can try dusting them with baking soda and letting it sit for a couple days, and then vacuuming it off. Depending on the severity of the stink, however, you may just want to rent a carpet cleaning machine with an upholstery attachment as mentioned above.

Once the surfaces have dried, apply Armor-All or some other brand of scented surface protectant made for cars. Cleaning the inside of the windows with standard window cleaner should take care of any smoke residue accumulated there. Typical glass cleaners contain ammonia, which will remove all trace deposits from the glass.

Make sure you leave all your windows open after cleaning until the interior is completely dry; if your car stays wet inside for too long, it can get mildew and mold, leaving you worse off than when you started. If you have leather or vinyl upholstery, you task is easier. If you can, toss your smoky-smelling clothes in the washer with detergent and a cup of vinegar. Use the hottest water the fabric will allow washing instructions should appear on the tag. Same goes with dry clean-only items, although it may be easier to just get them dry cleaned.

If you have a leather item, you should purchase a specific leather cleaner to wipe it down. Most of the smoke smell is probably collected in the lining, however which is usually nylon. This you can clean with soap and water, but you have to be careful not to soak it through to damage the leather. Books can really suck in the smell of marijuana smoke and other kinds of smoke.Small bags of this stuff can soak up musky hockey bag smells, and so is up to the tough task of getting rid of weed smell.

These are cutely packaged in nice sacks that you can throw around in different spots of your living space. They should provide smell relief in about an hour. They are more suited for masking the smell of your stash or any lingering scents on your clothes. Any funky smells you have in your living space will be soaked up leaving your nose satisfied and your friends and family impressed.

But it will get rid of the smell of weed. Use traditional hygienic practices and add these to completely eliminate any trace of foul smell. You will barely notice the noise unless turned on to max. If you use this with vaping it can be the perfect formula for getting rid of weed smell. Ozium is a scientifically proven and industry-leading odor eliminator.

How to Eliminate the Smell of Marijuana

Mainly, the 2 active ingredients that Ozium uses to get rid of weed smell in car are Triethylene Glycol and Propylene Glyocol. A combination of using both TG and PG is extremely effective at combating bacteria and smoke-related odors.

Check Reviews. There are many natural odor absorbers that are readily available at your local convenience stores. For example, using baking soda in a spray bottle to get rid of weed smell is an excellent idea. You can also set out a bowl of baking soda in your car over night.

This will absorb and neutralize odors in the air. However, over time, baking soda will gradually lose its odor-absorbing abilities. The same goes for white vinegar and vodka. You can pour approximately a cup of vinegar or vodka and leave it in your car overnight or however long it will take. Again, both vinegar and vodka will lose its odor absorbing abilities eventually. Replace it for another cup when that happens!

Made from patchouli plantspatchouli oil has a floral and peaceful, deep scent that posses anti-depressant and aphrodisiac qualities. A dog blanket, perhaps some dirty clothes, anything permeable will readily absorb the harsh smell of weed smoke. This machine will get rid of weed smell by removing deep-down weed residue, spots and smoke stains with its powerful suction lifts.

What are the best ways to get rid of cannabis smell?

The suction combines warm water and a targeted cleaning formula to get deep down to the exact spot that is difficult to clean. Simply fill and empty the water tank after each use. Incense is an aromatic biotic material in the shape of a rod that releases fragrant smoke when burned. The aromatic smell incense produces can easily outweigh and outpower the marijuana smell in your room. Incense smell is overwhelmingly powerful — just make you pick a well-liked smell when buying incenses.

How to get rid of weed smell on you, in your room or any space? But, getting rid of weed smell is indeed very possible. Charcoal Bags Check Reviews. Air Purifier Check Reviews. Ozium Spray Check Reviews.Unless you get the smell out fast, your ride is going to stink like stale weed for days or weeks afterwards. Spraying your car with Ozium is by far the most successful way to get the weed smell out of your car.

For best results, spray the car thoroughly, roll all the windows up and put the air on full blast in recirculate mode. Ozium has a pretty harsh chemical smell when you first spray it but in 10 minutes the stink will be gone. Buy on Amazon. Spraying with Febreze is a close second to Ozium in popularity. It seems to do almost as a good a job but is generally cheaper. The heavy duty one is best and several commenters suggested driving the car around for 10 minutes after spraying with the windows down makes it work better.

Good luck with that if you live in Alaska. Lysol is a disinfectant spray and is also a popular choice. Lysol will also actually remove the smell rather than just mask it. We were surprised by how many people suggested spraying your car with Axe deodorant.

If you need a quick and dirty solution after a heavy hotbox session then give this a go. Orange Chronic is actually a bong cleaning solution but quite a few people claim it works well if you spray it on the surfaces of your car. The smell is pretty strong so we recommend airing the car out thoroughly after using it. Blunt Power is a polarizing option. No advice on how to get the weed smell out of your car can be complete without including good old air freshener tabs!

Quite strong though so be prepared. Whether incense will work for you entirely depends on how much you like the smell. A bowl of baking soda is a common method for controlling odors indoors. Baking soda takes days to work so this might be a good technique to try in combination with an odor removing spray.By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We use cookies to enable essential features of our site and to help personalize your experience. Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. Cannabis What are the best ways to get rid of cannabis smell? One of the primary functions of flowers is to create terpenesodoriferous chemicals designed by nature to attract pollinators and ward off predators.

These pungent compounds can be one of the best and worst parts of enjoying cannabis. The rich smell of fresh, sticky weed can be as intoxicating as the perfume of a long-lost lover. Unfortunately, weed smell can also be a dead giveaway that alerts others to your preferably private ritual. If you want to be mindful of your neighbors or simply want your cannabis habits to stay under the radar, respect and privacy can be preserved with a few handy tricks to mask the smell of cannabis on your person or inside your home.

Nag Champa is an incense commonly burnt in ashrams. The scent is neither masculine or feminine and usually contains a mixture of the following ingredients:. The classic aroma was transplanted in the west at the end of the hippie trail and has remained a welcome scent for practitioners of yoga, meditation, and cannabis consumption. This aromatic oil is a hippie hallmark and doubles as a great way to mask weed smell. Made from the small pink and white flowers of the patchouli plant, this oil is known for its pleasant, lasting scent and supposed antidepressant and aphrodisiac qualities.

Certainly makes sense to me: enjoy a doobie, dab some patchouli behind the ears, smell nice, and make love, not war. A household staple for many Americans living with gassy pets and gassier spouses or roommates, Febreeze is a trigger-action odor eliminator. One of the sneakier moves to avoid weed smell on the list, the toilet bowl is an act of desperation at its core.

But if you must, bring along stick matches preferably and flip the switch on the fan.

Life Hacks To Get The Smell of Weed Out of Everything

The combusting sulfur and wood smoke of the stick matches should cover a hit or two and the fan should take care of the rest. Ozium is a classic smoke eliminator that every cannabis enthusiast can use.

Black Ice is one of the most overwhelming scents known to man and woman. The smell of burning popcorn could make a house fire just smell like another movie night gone wrong. In my experience, few smells mask other odors better and linger in the air longer than an accidentally burnt bag of microwavable popcorn. But beware! Respect the very delicate balance between burnt for effect and just burning the hell out of it.

how to get rid of weed resin smell

Another bathroom consumption method is to smoke your cannabis while the shower is running. Turn the shower to maximum hotness; creating steam is the primary goal here because the smoke smell will dissipate along with the steam being sucked into your bathroom fan. There are also other vacuum-sealed containers on the market, like OXO food storage containersthat will work extremely well for storing your pungent cannabis. If you can, get a UV protective airtight container and keep all cannabis plant matter out of both direct and indirect sunlight to preserve its quality over time.

The idea is to fill the volume of the roll, so exhale slowly as not to shoot the smoke directly out the other end.

how to get rid of weed resin smell

Know that cannabis smoke will escape either way, but if done correctly, much of the odor will be diffused.Nope — just the pungent aroma of Cannabis. Some people even report feeling sick to their stomach.

Little compares to the unusual scent of Cannabis. To put that number into context, a study published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences reports a median THC content of 2. The answer lies in chemical compounds called terpenes and terpenoids. Since THC and other cannabinoids are scentless, terpenes — about of which are known to occur in Cannabis plants — are responsible for producing the distinctive scent of marijuana. Intwo business partners named David Watson and Robert Clarke launched an Amsterdam-based research company called HortaPharm, which focused on the study of Cannabis and other botanicals.

Through HortaPharm, Watson and Clarke experimented with crossbreeding thousands of different Cannabis plants in an effort to isolate for potency — kind of like how dog breeders select for certain traits, like a curly tail.

Watson hypothesized that a link existed between potency and the presence of terpenes, which are found in the resin of Cannabis. Despite having half the THC content, the resin was found to have a higher potency than the pure THC when equivalent amounts were measured against each other.

Alright, so now you understand why marijuana smells the way it does — but how do you get rid of it? The only alternative route of administration we recommend for medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts is vaporizing, as novelty products like edibles, waxes, and tinctures are unreliable in terms of safety, efficacy, and labeling.

As we explained in our article about methods of using medical marijuanavaporizers heat Cannabis short of actually burning it, which creates little to no smell at all.

Medical marijuana has helped countless patients manage their symptoms and enjoy a greater degree of physical comfort in their everyday lives.

Call Dr. Tishler at to start discussing your medical needs in a confidential consultation. See more details. How to Eliminate the Smell of Marijuana Nov 12, What Causes the Smell of Marijuana? Keep in mind these types of products will only mask the scent temporarily, not disperse or absorb it. If synthetic scents give you a headache, try burning incense in flavors like sandalwood, honeysuckle, nutmeg, or orchid. They only cost a few dollars online.

Another alternative is essential oils, which come in varieties like lemon, lavender, peppermint, and cedarwood. Keep your home or apartment as ventilated as possible. Open up your windows and turn on your ceiling fan, or place a portable fan near an opened window to help blow in air from the outside.

Store your medical marijuana in tightly sealed glass jars. If your house has a ventilator installed, get a carbon filter. There are countless tutorials on YouTube explaining how to choose and install the right products. Put on the rubber gloves and get scrubbing.

Bleach is great for killing bad odors, but has a strong scent of its own. Sprinkle down a light coating, wet with a mixture of water and vinegar, and wipe until all baking soda has been removed from the surface. Absolutely never mix ammonia with bleach. You will create chloramine vapor, which can kill you or make you sick.

Yes No. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. THC vs. Calendar of Events.Weed, pot, marijuana; whatever you call it, is now legal for medical use or recreation in many areas. It has many fantastic medical applications and for many is a safer alternative to alcohol. You might only use it in the privacy of your own home but the smell can follow you around.

Marijuana has a potent and unpleasant smell that can be a bit much even for those who use it. How do you get rid of weed smell? Weed smell lingers in your hair and on your skin after handling and smoking. Wash your hands and face after you handle or smoke marijuana. The oils will seep into your pores and stick there for hours. A good scented soap and a little scrubbing will get the oils out along with the weed smell.

how to get rid of weed resin smell

Smoking in an enclosed space such a house lets smoke collect in your hair along with the weed smell. This is also one of the ways to get rid of a smoke smell in general, too. Hair tends to hold a smell. Marijuana smell will quickly set into your clothes and follow you around even if you smoke outside.

Taking precautions and keeping up on your laundry will greatly reduce the smell of marijuana on your clothes. Many years ago it was fashionable to have a separate jacket just for smoking. These days you can use this fashion accessory to help keep weed smell off your clothes. Dedicate a jacket or shirt to use while smoking so the smell stays off your everyday clothes.

Wash this jacket or shirt occasionally to get rid of the buildup of the pot smell. Wash your clothing regularly to keep the weed smell out. You might not notice the smell but to a non-smoker it can be quite powerful. Any good laundry detergent will do.

Dryer sheets have a strong odor of their own that can knock down weed smell in a pinch. Throw a few things in the dryer along with a dryer sheet and let them tumble on low heat for ten minutes or so.

Marijuana smell will float into your clothing and stay there until you choose to wear it. To get rid of marijuana smell try some of the following tips. Pet owners have been hiding pet odors for years using carpet deodorizing powders.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell When Growing Indoors?

You can do the same thing for weed smell. These powders are sprinkled onto your carpet and then removed along with the odors by a good vacuum job. An odor neutralizing spray will help cut down the pot smell. Air fresheners do little so make sure you get something that will get rid of the odor and not just cover it.

Pipes with built up marijuana resin smell terrible. When not using them, store them in a case or pouch to contain the odor. Clean them every so often to get rid of the resin that causes the terrible smell. Also be sure to always empty and wipe out any ashtrays you use when smoking. Just be sure not to put hot ashes into the trash since this is a great way to burn down your house.

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